New Port Richey man Roy Antigua arrested with fake military IDs, uniforms

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Video: Arrested man had fake IDs, uniforms

Roy Antigua

NEW PORT RICHEY, Florida --There's many questions when it comes to the true identity of Roy Antigua.

Is he a decorated high-ranking member of the Coast Guard who drives a sleek, black Escalade with tinted windows and official-looking Coast Guard decals?

Is he a member of a local police department since he was found with badges and flashing lights that he fashioned on the dashboard of his SUV?

Is he a decorated war hero, with dozens of medals of honor, along with countless uniforms?

At first glance, most people would say yes. 

He could be all three of these persona's since countless badges, credentials and ID's were found in his New Port Richey apartment on LaSalle Court.

The only problem is Antigua is a fake, police say. 

He's a phony with a rich fantasy life, according to New Port Richey police.

"He wished he was any of these things," said Chief James Steffens in a press conference Monday.  "We need the public's help. 

Detective Michael Anderson was one of the first people to interview Roy Antigua once the 53-year-old was taken into custody.  Detective Anderson said, "Being in the business for a while, in my 20 years, I've never seen anything this elaborate."

What the longtime detective is referring to is the cache of paraphernalia and supplies that were found in Antigua's possession.   Investigators even discovered a CIA badge.

It all started on July 31st during a traffic stop.

A very astute New Port Richey officer, Ed Campbell, found Antigua to be "suspicious." 

The police were called during a neighborhood dispute where Antigua was fighting with someone next door, police say.   Officer Campbell took the call that day.  When he followed Roy Antigua on the way back to the department where Antigua was going to make a statement, he pulled him over on a traffic stop.

The 53-year-old would be Coast Guard member was driving with a suspended license.  Not only that, but he was also arrested for violating his probation, a charge stemming from his days in Miami.

Officer Campbell got a strange feeling about this guy.  

When Antigua was being booked at New Port Richey police headquarters, Campbell checked the identification cards and found one of them to be military-related.

That's when the officer became extremely suspicious.  Being a member of the military, Campbell recognized that the ID card was fake.  "I just knew," he said.  "Being in the military, I recognized it."

And, a four-day investigation began.

Chief James Steffens, with a broad smile, talked about how proud he was of both Officer Campbell and the countless other dedicated investigators.  "I think you can see my pride," he said, beaming.  "These guys work very hard and they caught this guy just in time."

The question remains - is Roy Antigua a true threat, a possible danger with the approaching Republican National Convention?  Did he have devious plans with all the paraphernalia he possessed?

Or, was he just living a fantasy?

The Chief remarked, "He's definitely strange, but we need to know if he's truly dangerous."

And, that's where the public comes in to help. 

The Chief told reporters, "This is a unique opportunity that the public has to help us in this investigation from the very start.  We need to know who this guy is.  Help us so we can help you."

He continued, "The best case scenario is he just liked to dress up and wear outfits."

There is something, police say, that troubles them greatly.  Cub Scout uniforms were found in his possession.  Detectives want to make sure that Antigua was not abusing children in any way.

Antigua was also found with medical supplies and credentials.  Investigators are hoping that he did not treat anyone or diagnose anyone medically.  They also hope he did not go into hospitals trying to gain access to patients' records, information, or prescriptions.

Truly, the possibilities are endless with this case since so many different ID's and items were found, everything from uniforms to radios, handcuffs, bullets, badges and medals.  The Secret Service is also said to be involved in the investigation, along with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.   Future charges could range from state to federal crimes.

It is not illegal to possess the items he had.  However, police say, it is the way he is suspected of using them that is illegal.

The 53-year-old native of Cuba is said to be single and only living with a dog named Max, which oddly enough, happens to be Antigua's middle name as well.

Police want to know if anyone knows this man, has dated him, done business with him or has been harmed by him in any way.

"We want to know if anyone was even stopped by him with these police lights we found," the Chief said.

Neighbors say Antigua was always "flashing his badge."  One woman, Pat Curtin told 10 News, "At first he was a Coast Guard pilot.  Then, he was a health care worker. Then, a federal agent.  I mean, he's a fruit loop.  Who is this guy?"

Antigua was said to be remorseful when caught and that he admitted that "things got out of hand."

"After the shock and awe wore off, he knew the gig was up," said Chief Steffens.

The Chief admitted to even having interaction with Roy Antigua during a Memorial Day event to honor veterans on May 21st at North Meadowlawn.   Antigua was in his phony dress blues, decorated in medals, when he "blended in and even introduced himself," the Chief said.  "We never knew."

"He wished he was any of these things," said Chief Steffens.  "We are an open book. We need the public's help.

Please call Detective Michael Anderson at 727-816-1130 if you have any information.  Even the smallest of clues could help with the investigation.

Antigua is currently being held at the Pasco County Jail.

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