FDLE issues alert in case of missing pregnant teen Morgan Martin

10:50 PM, Aug 6, 2012   |    comments
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Morgan Martin



ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- There's a new development in the Morgan Martin case; the FDLE has stepped up to spread the word statewide.

An alert was circulated today to all law enforcement agencies and news outlets after St. Pete Police asked for help.

"We don't really believe she's left the area. We still think this is a local issue, but just to cover all the bases, we did want to reach out to the FDLE and have them put out a statewide alert."

17 years old and pregnant, Martin disappeared from her St. Pete home on July 25, just minutes after stepping outside in her pajamas to speak with the father of her unborn child. It was last time she was seen or heard from.

Martin's mother, Leah, believes the father of Morgan's unborn child is somehow involved. "He may have caused the problem of what happened to her, where she is."

But St. Pete Police say they've already questioned the father of Morgan's baby, and others.

"It's just not a question of talking to him. Obviously, anytime you have an investigation of this type, you talk with all the person who've had a significant relation with her. That's certainly one person we'd talk to, but there are other individuals we need to look at."

But for the first time since the night of Martin's disappearance, police say she is in danger.

"We definitely feel..significant concern."

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