More documents, pictures and audio released in George Zimmerman Case

4:35 PM, Jul 12, 2012   |    comments
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George Zimmerman
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Tampa, Florida -- The feds want to know if George Zimmerman is a bigot who targeted Trayvon Martin, and records released today stem from that investigation.

They spoke with dozens of Zimmerman's neighbors and co-workers, none of whom describe him a racist.

And while phone calls made to Sanford police seem to support that, Thursday's documents may also raise questions about Zimmer's self-defense claims.

Photo Gallery: Crime scene photos, released July 12 2012
READ: Documents released in George Zimmerman case, 7/12/12 (PDF)

The newly-released documents and files include half-a-dozen phone calls from what some may describe as an overzealous George Zimmerman.

"We've got a lot of break-ins in our neighborhood lately, and I'm on the neighborhood watch," said Zimmerman on several occasions when he spoke with Sanford police.

In all, there were six calls placed to Sanford PD in the six months leading up to the shooting. They include complaints about everything from a neighbor's garage left open to kids playing in the street.

But most often, the calls were about people loitering.

"Two suspicious characters at the gate of my neighborhood. I've never seen them before," said Zimmerman on one occasion.

Zimmerman's tone during those calls was consistently courteous and calm. Zimmerman, always cooperative, and never used vulgarities or racial slurs.

But it was clearly different on the day of the shooting.

During that call to police, Zimmerman is more frazzled. He uses obscenities at least twice, and describes an uneasy confrontation with Trayvon Martin taking place while he's on the phone with Sanford police.

"Something's wrong with him. Yeah, he's coming over to check me out. He's got something in his hands. I don't know what his deal is," says Zimmerman.

The report includes pictures of Martin's hoodi and a blood-stained sweatshirt from underneath it.

There are also several non-descript photos of the crime scene taken the following day, and videos from a nearby bank drive-thru.

The report also reveals officers' conflicting accounts of Zimmerman's injuries. Some thought his nose had been broken. Others referred only to cuts seen on the back of his head.

That could be important, since the severity of Zimmerman's injuries could play a role in his claim of self-defense.

There are several newly-released recordings of police dispatchers and responding officers the night of the shooting itself, as well.

"I got one down with a gunshot wound and I got one secured," says the first officer on-scene.

Some of the radio chat describes the scene when officers first arrive, with one making it clear that Trayvon Martin has been shot.

"Subject is unresponsive," the officer says. Then silence.

The civil rights investigation also stems from criticism over the 44 days it took to file charges in this case.

Zimmerman was released last week on a one-million dollar bond. His attorneys say the 28-year-old is staying at a safe-house in Seminole County.

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