Neighbor feud ends when one man shoots the other in the face

10:51 PM, Jul 4, 2012   |    comments
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CLEARWATER, Fla. -- "All I could see was the gun and a red light coming from it. Then I heard 'Pop! Pop!' and my husband was lying at my feet."

Sandy Lewandowski knows she would be dead if it wasn't for her husband, Keith. He took a bullet in the face to protect her, and now he is the one who's dead.

Cops say the shooting happened at the Riviera Mobile Home Park in Clearwater. They say 65-year-old Bruce Schunk entered the Lewandowskis' trailer, pulled out a .45 caliber handgun, and said allegedly said, "I've had enough. This is it."

Police say Schunk then made a move toward Sandy. Keith stepped in between them, and that's when they say Schunk shot him in the face.

There was always bad blood between Lewandowski and Schunk, neighbors say. They hated each other and were constantly bickering. Everybody knew it. Cops were called to the address several times in the past, but there were no recent altercations that led to today's shooting.

However, Sandy said she always felt something like this would happen because Schunk lived directly across the street and drank a lot. "When he wasn't drinking, he was off on his own and wouldn't bother anybody, but when he was drinking, he was bad news. Bad news," she said.

Sandy said she has always been afraid of Schunk because he had guns and would shoot into the air at random. She reported him several times, but for some reason, Schunk got away with threatening people until today, when deputies arrived to arrest him for murder.

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