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Waterfront homeowners prepare for Tropical Storm Debby delivery

6:06 PM, Jun 26, 2012   |    comments
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Hudson Beach, Florida - In Pasco County, the sound of a shovel hitting sand is the sound of precaution.

Darlene Deegan and her son Tyler live on the water and like others at this Pasco Fire Station they're filling sandbags and preparing for what Debby delivers.

"It's better to be safe than sorry," says Darlene, shovel in hand. "We've got to get ready for the high tides-yeah, yup."

While Deegan's house is still high and dry, just down the road at an emergency shelter, other folks know all about flooding.

Rene Cashion and her family have been here since Sunday night, since Debby's deluge surrounded their inland home with four feet of water.

9-year-old Brent Cashion has been filling his time with electronic games and while the entire family is grateful for the shelter's food and shower-it's still not home.

"No, no, no-it's not home," says Rene. "I would do just about anything to be back home in my bed, but we have everything we need here."

"I really wish we were back home right now, but as long as we're somewhere safe-it's okay," adds Brent.

Back at the Deegan's house, Darlene and Tyler are piling sandbags outside a waterside doorway. This isn't their first rodeo.  The No-Name Storm of '93 flooded the house.

"I had four foot of water, I had a snake," exclaims Darlene.

And in coming days, Darlene knows that Debby's departure will leave them with the kind of waterfront she loves.

"The sunsets you get over here are unbelievable," she says pointing out to the still grey waves.

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