Firefighters rescue ducklings from storm drain

12:27 PM, May 3, 2012   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- It's starting to appear that storm drains are the biggest predator of baby ducks.

In the latest case of rescued ducklings, St. Petersburg firefighters were able to save nine of the baby birds Thursday morning.

Photo Gallery: Ducklings saved from storm drain near mall

Officials say Mitchel McNeally had just gotten off his bus near Tyrone Square Mall when he saw a large duck standing on a storm drain, quacking loudly. McNeally went to investigate and saw the nine ducklings trapped below in the storm drain

Firefighters arrived and removed the storm drain cover. They say the ducklings were harder to catch than they thought they would be... but once they were back up on land, they immediately ran for their mother.

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