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Pasco fire crews continue work to contain 100-acre fire

10:39 PM, May 1, 2012   |    comments
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HUDSON, Fla.- More than 117 acres burned, close to 200 people were forced from their homes, and now area residents in northwest Pasco face the constant irritation of smoke.

"I've had emphysema and bronchitis," says Bob Reid while using oxygen to help his breathing.

On Monday, fire came within feet of his home. "The fire was right here. That's why I thought our home would be gone," he said.

Investigators say the fire started in the woods near the Links Golf Course at a popular party spot. They believe someone lit a camp fire, then carelessly left it unattended, allowing it to spread out of control.

"It was a little scary when we saw the flames. You could see them pretty high," said Tom Thompson, who lives right next to the golf course. "We could have lost a lot of houses down here. We definitely would have evacuated if the wind was blowing from the west like it normally does."

On Tuesday night, firefighters continued working to contain the fire, burning off areas of thick brush. "We got to keep this stuff wet so if something does land here it doesn't catch on fire," said Mike Zuby of the plants around his home.

Many here, like Bob Reid, are aggravated all this could have been prevented. "It's stressful. We could lose our home. This is the only thing we've got."

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