PolitiFact Florida: Ad featuring Pat Boone is ''very deceptive,'' gets ''Pants on Fire'' on Truth-o-Meter

5:09 PM, Mar 29, 2012   |    comments
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Pat Boone, seen in an ad produced by the 60 Plus Association.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - A conservative group which focuses on senior issues known as "the 60 Plus Association" is running an ad that goes after Democratic Senators who voted for Obama's healthcare law, including Florida's own, Bill Nelson.

But the accusations -- leveled in the ad by singer Pat Boone -- are so off the mark, it received PolitiFact Florida's worst rating.

"It really crosses a lot of lines for accuracy and it seems intended to frighten seniors," says Angie Holan, with PolitiFact Florida.

Holan says the first inaccurate statement is about the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

"The ad says the board is unaccountable, but it's not. The President appoints the members, the Senate confirms them and then the law has all these restrictions on it."

In the ad, Boone says the board can ration care and deny certain medicare treatments.

"Well, number one in the law it says it can't ration care, number two, the system we have now is not a system where everybody gets whatever they want as far as healthcare," says Holan.

She says it also says the board has the power to cut Medicare to pay for new government programs.

"They say the board is cutting Medicare to fund other spending, well that's not true, its trying to reduce the growth of spending so the program remains affordable, so that it doesn't exceed its own budget estimates."

Because PolitiFact Florida says this ad is very deceptive, it rates it: PANTS ON FIRE.

"We use 'pants on fire' for something that is not only false, but ridiculously false," says Holan.

PolitiFact Florida asked The 60 Plus Association for evidence to support this ad and the group sent news reports that didn't address the rationing issue.  Fact checkers found more evidence that contradicted what the association was saying, which is another reason the ad received the "pants on fire" rating.

Read more fact checks here: http://www.politifact.com/florida/

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