Florida Primary 2012: Poll worker strives to make a difference

4:33 PM, Jan 31, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- As the sun rises on primary day, Ann Porter rises to the challenge of making everything run smoothly at a West Tampa voting precinct.

"It's our country. It's our future," she says.

And because of that, she's worked the polls for 35 years, mostly in West Tampa where she grew up.

"I feel that America, in my training, is the best country in the world, and especially as a leader of the democratic process," Porter says. "So my way of participating in the community, in society, is to be a part of that process."

She's voted in every election over the last 50 years, and just wants to be immersed in this year's process because of everything at stake - especially, she says, for younger Americans.

"That's our future," she says. "So I've been more and more interested, as I talk to more and more young people, that this process - that they believe in it, that they believe in a democracy."

When she's not providing help on election days, she's planning voter registration drives. But her favorite part is the feeling that comes with giving out "I Voted" stickers to people once they've participated in the process.

"Good!" she exclaims when asked about handing out stickers. "Good, good, good, good."

And she wants to keep that good going for as long as she can.

"If there comes a time where I can't get out and interact, I'll have one of my children pick me up and take me to the site!" she laughs. "I still want to do it."

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