Tampa terror suspect posted at least seven videos online showing hatred for Christians, Jews with threatening words

11:49 PM, Jan 9, 2012   |    comments
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Still image of an online video showing Sami Osmakac

TAMPA, Fla. -- Sami Osmakac displayed his aggression outside a Lady GaGa concert in Tampa in April of last year. A YouTube video shows Osmakac screaming at other protestors, "You're going to hell! You infidel!" Police arrested him for battery.

That's just one of at least seven videos online where the terror suspect shares alarming messages, saying repeatedly, "You cannot escape death."

"They're all very threatening, extremely threatening," says retired FBI agent and security expert Oscar Westerfield, who examined Osmakac's videos for 10 News.

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Westerfield points out Osmakac's hatred for anyone who is not Muslim. In one video, Osmakac says "the infidels, the Christians, the Jews, the pagans, the Hindus, the Buddhists, and the atheists -- they're the worst of creation! They're fighting for the Devil."

Possibly the scariest part about the videos for Westerfield is the fact that someone else is behind the camera. That's just one thing that suggests Osmakac may not have been planning to act alone. "That's a very important thing here," Westerfield told us. "There hasn't been enough information released to show he is a lone wolf...is he a true lone wolf or is he out there engaged with others? We want to know that. You have to know that to see the extent of it."

Westerfield says he has no doubt FBI agents have been working for some time to find out if anyone else may have been involved in the terror plot.

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