Cop gets a pension despite having sex in patrol car, threatening to shoot fellow cops

12:31 PM, Dec 2, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Having sex with in his police car and threatening his fellow officers with his service weapon certainly takes Matthew Dolitsky out of the running for officer of the year.  

"There was definitely a problem with this police officer," said Andrea Davis, spokesperson for Tampa Police Department.

Dolitsky was the target of two Internal Affairs investigations three years ago. Details of those investigations are just now coming to light.

Corporal Dolitsky was part of an elite unit called the Quick Uniform Attack on Drugs or the "QUAD" squad. The department got a disturbing tip about his involvement with illegal drugs.

"The allegations came in that he was trading drugs for sex," said Davis.

The Department launched a year-long internal affairs investigation, which discovered Dolitsky had sexual encounters in his assigned police vehicle while on duty and that he paid for the performance of sexual acts by either providing cocaine or money.

"During the first Internal Affairs investigation, which we were doing covertly, he got wind of that investigation," said Davis.

According the second Internal Affairs investigation, when Dolitsky found out, he was in the squad room with several other officers and pulled his firearm completely out of the holster and said he would take out the IA witnesses against him. Doltisky then asked one of his colleagues, "What would you do if I shot you?"

"Once he threatened his squad, he was not someone we saw fit for duty," said Davis.

Dolitsky resigned before the department could fire him.  TPD's investigations found that Dolitsky was untruthful under oath when being questioned about the incidents, so it referred the case to the State Attorney's Office.

But the State Attorney's Office said while the facts meet the criteria for perjury, some evidence issues made it unlikely it would obtain a conviction. It elected not to file criminal charges.

"It is very disappointing, because we do believe there was criminal activity," said Davis.

Despite one of the Pension Board members trying to block his pension, Dolitsky is still going to be collecting a pension from you, the taxpayer, for the rest of his life.

The Executive Director Jennifer Campbell was recorded at a pension hearing saying:

He was not terminated, he was not prosecuted. There was no admission of guilt, that has already taken place and it's not like the police department is going to bring him back reinvestigate and fire him again.

That means the Police and Fire Pension Board can't deny Dolitsky his  pension. What's that costing you? Well, when he turns 46 in four years, he will receive $27,142 a year for the rest of his life. If he lives another 40 years, Dolitsky will collect more than $1 million in pension benefits.

But that's not all: while Dolitsky will never be hired by Tampa Police, he still has police certification, meaning he could get a job somewhere else.

"We absolutely believe he was not fit to be a Tampa Police Officer and we didn't believe he was fit to be a police officer anywhere, so we did provide all that information so he could be stripped of his certification," said Davis.

Even if Dolitsky were to be stripped of his certification by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, it won't affect his pension that will continue to be paid.

We called Dolitsky at his last known phone number to give him an opportunity to talk with us, but we never heard back.

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