Oops! Sears website accidently sells iPad 2 for $69

10:43 AM, Jul 16, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida- A few lucky customers got the electronics deal of a lifetime... or so they thought, following a snafu on the Sears.com website Friday.

The on-line retailer briefly posted the price of a 16GB iPad 2 for $69 Friday afternoon and the larger 32GB model for $179. The Apple made handheld devices normally sell for between $500 and $800 depending on the model.

Customers who spotted the deal began purchasing multiple iPads and spreading word of the amazing price on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook until someone from the company realized the mistake. Customers say within about 20 minutes, the item was taken off the Sears' webpage.

A spokeswomen for Sears says a third party vendor is to blame for the mistake.

"As a result all orders are being canceled and customer accounts will be credited refunds," said Kim Freely of Sears late Friday night.

The company says it apologizes for any inconvenience to customers, but was quick to point out a separate company runs the iPad sales on their website and Sears is not to blame.  It appears that company is called GSM On Sale.

Meanwhile customers who thought they'd scored a great deal on a brand new iPad 2 say they're disappointed the company won't honor the posted price, even after they paid and got a confirmation number.

"I don't see how they can do that," said a very disgruntled Paula Knight. She says she was trying to purchase one of the iPads for her autistic son who had his stolen at school. "It's very disappointing for us all."

Sears could not say how many iPads were sold at the wrong price. The company was in the process of e-mailing customers late Friday.

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