Toe tourniquet: Strand of hair nearly severs child's toe

9:47 PM, Jul 11, 2011   |    comments
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Norah Saed's toes were nearly amputated after a strand of hair wrapped around them.

Temple Terrace, Florida -- Doctors say a strand of hair was so tightly wrapped around a child's toe, it was nearly cut off.

Kimberly Grubb brought her baby daughter Norah Saed to University Community Hospital early Friday, because she was crying so much.  That's when doctors discovered one toe was nearly amputated, and others severely swelled because of a hair strand wrapped around them.

Photo Gallery: Baby's Toe Nearly Severed by Hair

"Four nurses came in, held her down. They had scissors and tweezers to open it up.  They had to hold her down and she was screaming... and I was crying from that, just from her screaming," recalls Grubb.  She adds she felt guilty, because the strand of hair responsible for the whole thing was likely her own.

Doctors say it's actually a common occurrence, and even has its own name, called "hair tourniquet syndrome."

After the ordeal, Grubb recommends families wash their children's clothes separately from their own.


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