Casey Anthony Trial: Caylee Anthony crime scene photos

4:36 PM, Jun 14, 2011   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida - They were so shocking that some people gasped. Others placed their hands over their mouthes.

Casey Anthony looked down and closed her eyes.

They were the graphic photos of her daughter, Caylee, when the child's remains were found in a wooded area near the Anthony home in December 2008.

Crime Scene Photos: Pictures from where Caylee Anthony's body was found (Caution: Some pictures may be considered graphic)

The photos were entered into evidence on Thursday and presented to the jury during the high-profile murder trial. Members of the jury were entranced by what they saw, staring at the evidence.

One juror, a elderly woman, was said to be staring at Casey.

Orange County Chief Deputy Medical Examiner, Dr. Gary Utz, testified about crime scene photos of Caylee, which included pictures of the little girl's skull with her hair still attached.

Layers of tape were seen on the child's skull, covering her nose and mouth. Pictures of Caylee's teeth and eye sockets were also shown.

Dr. Utz explained each photo in detail, discussing each part of the child's remains.

"Tell us what we're looking at in this photograph," said Prosecutor Jeff Ashton. 

Dr. Utz answered, "You're looking at a human skull that is facing the observer. It's upright, in front in lower portion, over the jaw, over facial bones, are several pieces are gray tape, there is also hair extending over top of skull."

And, with each description, Casey could be seen more and more despondent.

There were roots of plants that were seen growing through the child's hair in her skull, according to Dr. Utz. That seemed to "keep the mandible intact."

Casey became overwhelmed with emotion around 3:00, after looking pale and despondent all day.

She seemed to be hyperventilating into the sleeves of her white sweater and had to be removed from the courtroom.

After Judge Belvin Perry announced that she was "ill," he adjourned for the day and told the media to give attorneys their privacy.

"No comments about her illness will be given," said Judge Perry.

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