Rick Scott's mom says he's doing a good job

10:46 PM, May 18, 2011   |    comments
Esther Scott - Rick Scott's Mom - on YouTube
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Tallahassee, Florida - Gov. Rick Scott may not have gotten everything he wanted out of the 2011 legislative session but, if they handed out political report cards, his mother would still paste this one up on the family refrigerator.
"Not long ago, I told you about my son Rick, and I asked you to vote for him," says Esther Scott, in a YouTube video posted Monday by the Republican Party of Florida. "He promised to get Florida back to work and turn the state around."

Mrs. Scott became briefly famous during last year's campaign, when her son's business ethics were being roundly attacked - first in the Republican primary, then by Democrats in the general election. The tag line of her TV spots - "He's a good boy!" - were often called out to her as she travelled with the Scott campaign in the fall.

In her 38-second video, she gives him high marks on his first legislative session. "He said he'd cut property taxes for homeowners and business taxes to help create jobs. He'd hold government accountable, reduce spending to balance the state budget and he'd expand educational opportunities for all," she said. "Well, he's keeping those promises and like always, he made me proud.

"Like I said, he's a good boy."

Actually, Scott got only $308 million in tax cuts in the budget, although he asked for a first-year bite of about $1.7 billion. And the budget cuts per-student state support of schools by more than $500 per student. But mothers don't go into details.

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Bill Cotterell, Florida Capital Bureau

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