Punta Gorda, Florida woman to be featured on 'Confessions of an Animal Hoarder'

1:25 PM, Apr 26, 2011   |    comments
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A cat and three kittens are among 25 removed from a Punta Gorda woman's home.


Tampa, Florida -- Animal Planet is featuring a Punta Gorda woman on their hit show "Confessions of an Animal Hoarder."

The National Humane Society brought a van loaded with 25 cats and kittens to their office on Gunn Highway in Tampa Monday evening.  The cats were taken from the 28-year-old woman's home.

Photo Gallery: Cats and kittens removed from woman's home

Animal Planet is giving the cat hoarder $4,000 to redecorate her home and pay for 10 weeks of therapy.

"She was having some personal issues and a lot of her cats hadn't been spayed and neutered," says veterinarian Dr. Lisa Cote. 

A vet technician, Sherry Cardona, said the home was actually fairly clean but "Even though they are a clean person, it is still considered hoarding if you are taking in and not spaying and neutering. You're trying to do good, and it's an illness that needs to be taken care of."

A few of the animals had respiratory problems, but they are expected to recover and go up for adoption.

The episode featuring the Punta Gorda woman should air on Animal Planet in the coming months.

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