Kids turn down candy because it's unhealthy!

3:22 PM, Feb 3, 2006   |    comments
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Some children at a Fort Lauderdale elementary school say they'd rather forgo a trip than sell unhealthy candy. For more than a year, some children at North Side Elementary School learned about the health dangers posed by candy and empty snacks. So when a gifted class of fourth- and fifth-graders was asked to sell chocolate bars, potato chips and hard candy to fund class trips, the 19 children decided that would be hypocritical and refused. Daphnie Auguste, the 10-year-old ringleader, says selling junk foot after school would disobey what they've been told. The students have until the end of February to raise 12-thousand dollars needed for a week-long trip in May to Williamsburg, Virginia, and Washington, D-C.

Associated Press & Tampa Bay's 10 News

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