Documents reveal LaFave’s dark secrets and intimate details

8:38 PM, Nov 22, 2005   |    comments
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By:Mike Deeson
Tampa, Florida - The conversations come from some 900 pages of sworn testimony released today. We have to warn you some of this is sexually explicit because of the nature of this case. It is significant. Also we usually have a policy of never identifying the victims of a sexual assault, but because in this case because Debra LaFave is the perpetrator as well as a victim, we felt it was significant. Sworn depositions show Debra LaFave had a lesbian relationship when she was in high school. Her lover Casie Martinez testified, "She seemed very comfortable with girls, I mean she seemed that she had a slight preference, You know it seemed comfortable and natural to her." The state asked, "Were you ever sexually active with each other?" Yes we were Martinez says. "Okay was it more than just kissing then?" "Oh yeah. Oh yeah" Leave’s ex husband Owen testified about the sexual assaults she endured from a classmate when she 13. "But she told me it has taken place at her middle school… and I guess the majority of the occurrences it happened in the school and he would pen her into corners in the classroom and that type of thing." Owen LaFave told prosecutors, "I am aware she’s been diagnosed with I think bipolar disorder. She is anorexic." And he says, she started acting strange and depressed at home. "And she would come home from work, strip down completely naked and have popcorn and just lay on the couch, eat popcorn and go to sleep." Meantime, LaFave says the couple’s sex life went from one extreme to the other "There were periods of hyper sexual relationship and there were periods when it shut down completely." But after the arrest LaFave says Debra changed. "She started to spend a lot of, a significant amount of time in Christian books stores and reading you know religious related scripture and books and that sort of thing." We also learned that Owen LaFave was suspicious of Debra’s time away from home, but he never imagined she was a having a relationship with a student, but instead accused her of having a relationship with a student’s father it was charge she angrily denied and clearly one that wasn’t true.

Mike Deeson, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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