New York tourist arrested for punching police horses

6:10 PM, Oct 4, 2005   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida – Thanks to a new Florida law that took effect this weekend, a New York tourist is facing jail time after he reportedly punched two horses from Tampa Police's mounted patrol. Officials say Sean Curlin smacked the animals on their hind quarters early Sunday morning in Ybor City. Under the new law, Curlin is more likely to pay a stiffer fine and serve jail time if he's convicted of harming a police animal. From the Tampa Police Arrest report: On the listed date and time, I was riding my police horse Mr. Bill westbound in the 1600 block of 7th ave. We were following Mounted Officer Kochom on police horse Red. We were responding to back up foot officers involved in a fight. As Red rode past the defendant he reached out and smacked Red on the left hindquarters causing Red to flinch. As I passed the defendant, he reached out and smacked Mr. Bill on the left hindquarters. I turned Mr. Bill around and took the defendant into custody. He was handcuffed by Officer Sigler.

Tampa Bay's 10 News

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