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Dog saves Tampa woman from alligator

10:21 AM, May 11, 2006   |    comments
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By:Ned Roberts

Tampa, Florida - A Tampa woman is hoping the bait a trapper set Monday night will lure a killer alligator.

Cindy Hernandez, Dog Killed by Alligator: The only thing that can make any kind of sense out of this is Bob had to go to save me. You know, there was a choice.

Earlier in the day the alligator was heading right for Cindy Hernandez. She was swimming off her dock along the Hillsborough River. Before the alligator reached her, her dog Bob swam in between them. Bob was killed, while Hernandez was able to safely swim to the dock.

Cindy Hernandez:

He's really a hero, he's a hero.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission sent out a trapper Monday night. If the gator goes for the bait, it will be trapped and destroyed. A commission spokesman says alligators like that have lost their natural fear of humans, and must be killed.


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