Tampa couple remembers George Steinbrenner

6:37 PM, Jul 15, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa, FL-- The year was 1983... legendary Jesuit high football coach Bill Minahan,  was still 10 years away from retiring. He wanted to go to Yankee Stadium, with his wife Martha.
And he wanted to bring his cousin, who was a nun in the Bronx...
so, he wrote George Steinbrenner.

"Martha and I and my cousin invited the Mother Superior from the nunery up there, and we went to Yankee Stadium," said Bill Minahan as he remembered that day 27 years ago. "And Mr. Steinbrenner gave us the tickets... they were in his box down on the field... and our picture appeared on the big scoreboard... we were so honored... and from that day on, Mr. Steinbrenner has become a great friend of Martha and I."

Martha Minahan remembered another game, that was made possible by George Steinbrenner.  "One time we were at old timers day at Yankee Stadium, and we were in the owners box with Joe DiMaggio."

It's memories like those, that the Minahans carry with them, about their friend, George Steinbrenner.

"I know stories, of grandparents day at schools, said Martha.   "And Mr. Steinbrenner would come to the school and sit in the classroom, while the children read books... and things nobody would know.  His family was so important to him."

Bill remembered that George Steinbrenner would often come to Jesuit High School, to watch the St. Lawrence School basketball team play in the Jesuit gym.

Martha Minahan summed up the Yankees' owner this way. 

"He's leaving this world a better place than he found it, and what a great tribute that is, for everybody.  We should all try to do that."



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