"Hiccup Girl" called mastermind in murder case

5:28 PM, Dec 17, 2010   |    comments
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Pinellas County, Florida - She gained the nation's sympathy in 2007 as the "Hiccup Girl" and, last October, Jennifer Mee made headlines again - this time as a murder suspect.

Mee and two men, Lamont Newton and Laron Raiford, are accused of luring Shannon Griffin to a house in St. Petersburg where the 22-year-old was robbed, shot three times in the chest and left to die.

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Photo Gallery: Hiccup girl charged with murder

And this week, newly released investigative documents point to Mee as being the ringleader. The day after the murder, police interviewed Jennifer Charron, the girlfriend of Raiford.

Charron told police, "Little Jen masterminded this whole thing." Mee's attorney scoffs at that statement. John Trevena says his client's not smart enough. "It's the reality of the situation. This is not a bright person. This is someone who's not a leader - she's a follower."

Trevena says Charron, who is in jail on unrelated charges, is not a credible witness and he wonders why police aren't taking a closer look at Charron's involvement. "It was her cell phone, her computer, it was her apartment and yet she conveniently distances herself from all of these issues and the police bought into it."

Mee is being held without bond at the Pinellas County jail. She's in a cell by herself and Trevena says the time spent behind bars has been very difficult for the teenager. "It's like a child; she wants to know when she can go home for Christmas, can she have her teddy bear, things like that."

Trevena says Mee is now being tested for competency and intelligence, factors that may play a role in her trial.


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Kathryn Bursch, 10 News

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