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5:19 PM, Oct 2, 2013   |    comments
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Make your home page for the best news, weather and traffic updates in Tampa Bay!

Here's how...

Internet Explorer

- Make sure you've closed all open tabs, then open Internet Explorer for the desktop.

- Tap or click Tools, and then tap or click Internet options.

Internet Options

- Under the General tab, enter the web address of your new home page, and then tap or click Apply.


You'll need to restart both Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer for the desktop to see your new home page. You can change your home page at any time, or set up multiple home pages that will open in separate tabs.


Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.

- Select Settings.

- Add the home button to the browser toolbar
Homepage button is off by default. Select the "Show Home button" checkbox in the "Appearance" section to show it on the browser toolbar. Click the Change link

Check Show Home button then click Change

- Set your homepage
Select Open this page and enter Click OK.


- Make sure is open.  

- Click the icon to the left of the web address, drag it to the Home button, and release.
Click icon that's left of web address and drag it to Home button and release

  1. Click Yes to set this as your home page.

Try it out: Click the Home button and your new home page will load in the current tab. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Safari (Mac)

- Click Safari in top menu then Preferences

- In Homepage field, enter:

go to Safari > Preferences and enter in Homepage field.

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