Retired space shuttles Atlantis, Endeavour meet one last time today

10:53 AM, Aug 16, 2012   |    comments
Retired shuttles Atlantis and Endeavour meet one last time at Kennedy Space Center on Thursday.
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Cape Canaveral, Florida (FL Today) -- The retired shuttle orbiters Atlantis and Endeavour are on the move at Kennedy Space Center this morning, marking the last time two or orbiters will meet face to face before leaving for museums.

Endeavor exited a processing hangar for the last time to move into the Vehicle Assembly Building, its last stop before moving to the runway for a mid-September ferry flight to California.

Atlantis is leaving the assembly building to take Endeavour's place in Orbiter Processing Facility-2, the last of three shuttle hangars still actively used.

Atlantis is expected to move to the KSC Visitor Complex in November and go on public display next summer.

Today's move is the space center's last of two or orbiters at the same time. They were scheduled to meet nose-to-nose outside OPF-2 for a photo opportunity.

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