Homeowners complain of noise from Bradenton Motorsport Park

7:33 PM, Dec 3, 2013   |    comments
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East Manatee County -- Speeds of 206 miles reached in 6.6 seconds on a quarter-mile-long strip is what you will see and hear this weekend at the Bradenton Motorsports Park off State Road 64 in Manatee County.

The Snowbird Outlaw Nationals and Jet Jam of Fire event attracts four-time pro champion Greg Anderson.

"We love to come here. It's a beautiful track and it gives us the data what we need," says Anderson.

But drag racing may not be giving some neighboring homeowners the peace and quiet they moved out east for.

"To be where it's quiet in the country and get away from the noise," says David Hayes.

Instead, Hayes says he's found more noise.

Hayes says he moved into the Rye Wilderness Estates in March, about nine miles west from the drag strip. He says no one told him he could hear the drag racing from his home and that the noise can run past 11 o'clock at night.

"We turn fans on in our bedroom at night -- we deal with it," he says.

Alan Chervitz, co-owner of the Bradenton Motorsports Park, says most events end before 11.

"We try to be respectful and good stewards of our community," he says.

Chervitz says one event does run later. According to the park's website, the street car racing runs until 1 a.m. and those cars have mufflers to drown out the noise. But during the last street car race on Nov. 16, one of Hayes' neighbors complained to Manatee County Code Enforcement.

"Sporting events under the ordinance are exempt 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. After 11 p.m., it falls under regular noise ordinance," says Joe Fenton, Manatee County's Code Enforcement manager.

Fenton says complaints against the Motorsports Park are rare. 

"Back in the late 1990's I remember some complaints, but I don't remember anything since then -- this is new."

But also new are the communities going up closer and closer to the drag racing facility such as Rye Wilderness Estates.

Chervitz says the complaint comes as a surprise to him.

"It hurts from a personal standpoint. We try to give a lot back to the community, we bring thousands of people into the community who each spend 100's of dollars. We bring millions of dollars into this county, I am proud of this county."

Chervitz says this weekend there will be three charities at the park and active enlisted military service men and women will be given free admission.

Nearby, homeowners say they'd like a little less noise.

"It would be nice if the noise was a little bit less than it is," says Hayes.

Manatee County Code Enforcement will be out checking the noise levels at the next street car races on Dec. 28. Fenton says officers will check the noise level at neighborhoods near the park.

In the meantime, Chervitz invites those who have complained about the noise to visit Bradenton Motorsport Park this weekend and see what the sport is all about.

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