Over 50 dogs found at Pasco County home

3:32 PM, Dec 2, 2013   |    comments
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Spring Hill, Florida -- A domestic dispute has turned into a possible hoarding situation in Pasco County.

Officers were called out to a home on Montour Drive in Spring Hill after the report of a fight.

When they arrived, they opened the door and noticed unbearable living conditions.

More than 50 dogs were found on the property, as well as horses and suger gliders.

The owners claimed to be some type of animal rescue. Neighbors tell us they take dogs about to be euthanized.

Animal control did investigate, but did not remove any animals. They say an investigation is ongoing.

Code enforcement is looking to obtain a search warrant for the residence possibly as early as tomorrow to see if any codes with so many animals on the property are being broken.

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