Hillsborough County animal shelter opens doors on Black Friday

7:46 PM, Nov 29, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Hillsborough County Animal Services opened their doors on Black Friday, a countywide holiday, to allow more adoptions.

PHOTOS: Hillsborough animal shelter opens doors on Black Friday

"Some dogs we have had to hold three times as long as normal because of the quarantine period," said Ian Hallet, director of HCAS.

Normally, the shelter holds a dog for five days, but three weeks ago the shelter announced it was closing the shelter to not allow any new dogs in and would not allow any shelter dogs to be adopted out until all 250 were quarantined for flu-like viruses. 

"We spent $115 for each of the 11 samples we sent to Cornell University to be tested for two different kinds of flu-like viruses and at least four came back positive," said Hallet. 

Since then, they have kept each dog's face posted to the HCAS website so when the quarantine period was over they could be spoken for adoption.

Those dogs who were already there a few days before the quarantine period have limited days left.

"He's being a hambone," the Shook family said about its newly adopted dog, Domino.

'What kind of dog is he?" asked 10 News.

"We don't know, it says on his paperwork, mix, I just say he is some kind of awesome," said Lisa Shook. 

There are still 100 dogs left in quarantine and the shelter needs you to continue to look through its website to check on those dogs too.  Their time is coming up in the next few days. 

"They've been here a long time with us and we wanted to make sure they get a shot at a home," said Hallet.

Hallet learned from his previous experience working at a shelter in Austin that it's smart to be open on Black Friday.

"It's a day where shoppers are out and thinking about special holiday gifts, what better gift than saving a pet's life?" said Hallet. "Not everybody is going to the mall."

The Shook family agreed.

"I rather do this then go spend money on that stuff, this is the place to be!" said Shook.

The shelter was open on Black Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In the first two hours, there were more than 70 people walking into the shelter.

The shelter has not given a date yet on when they will be accepting new dogs.

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