A look inside Tampa's FBI Bomb Squad

9:20 AM, Nov 29, 2013   |    comments
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10 News anchor Joe Gumm is suited up with Tampa's FBI Bomb Squad



Most of us don't have jobs that save lives.  Most of us don't have to worry about the consequences of missing a small step on our job.  Most of us don't have jobs where blood, sweat and tears figuratively and literally weigh in on the split-decision questions we have to answer. 

So for this week (especially), we should all be thankful that we have men and women in the Bay area who sacrifice their lives for a chance to be an FBI Bomb Squad Tech. They don't do it because of monetary gain or try to impress friends at a class reunion.  In fact, we may not even know who these men and women are, ever! 

As you'll see in my effort to pull back the curtain, these brave and courageous people do their job as Bomb Squad Techs simply for the love: the love of the intensity, the love of fear, the love of team, the love of timing and mostly for the love of country.

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