Wharton High School football player Sean McNamee's amazing traumatic brain injury recovery continues

11:09 AM, Nov 21, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Sixteen-year-old junior at Wharton High School Sean McNamee did not waste any time remembering the medical team that never left his side through surgeries, nine days of being in a coma, and physical therapy.

"I am very lucky to be here," said McNamee to his doctors and nurses.

Sean's doctors praised his recovery and the efforts of the entire staff.

"I think 'miracle' is a very appropriate word," said Sean's neurosurgeon Dr. Yoav Ritter.

Ritter had to remove part of Sean's skull and place it into his stomach area to store the bone until Sean's brain swells up enough to attach his skull back on.  

He was proud to show off his scar on his stomach that his skull was underneath.

Sean fell six weeks ago Wednesday before practice drills at school and he's determined to get back to normal -- physically and mentally. 

"I know what I am trying to say from here, and then it stops here and I have to try to, and get help from him (referencing his grandfather, Doug McNamee)," said Sean.

"We try not to fill in the words for him," said Doug. "He will say it starts with an s, and he will work his way through it, which is part of the therapy. When we go to restaurants we make him read the menu. When we read the paper he has got to read an article or two."

"He has done a great job and far surpassed all expectations," said Sean McNamee's father, Todd McNamee. "Things didn't look good in the beginning. He has worked hard, he has never complained. He's just wanted to know what's next, what can I do next. He is anxious to recover, anxious to get back to where he was before the injury."

Sean also thinks about the new dreams he will have to reach for.

"I can't go to college and play football, I can't be in the Marines anymore. I just got to focus on other things and move ahead," said Sean. 

The McNamee family attorney talked about legal action. 

"I am concerned about the delay between the time Sean was injured to the time he received medical attention," said the family's attorney Steve Yerrid. "Things weren't done that should have been done. That put his life in greater jeopardy. Our firm is here to make sure the welfare of student athletes is always at the forefront."

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