University of South Florida students protest tuition rates with 21st century style

6:42 PM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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Graduate student Christopher Cano and other students protest USF increasing tuition rates and fees by recording video messages on an iPad to get the legislature's attention.



Tampa, Florida -- The University of South Florida's student government is tired of increasing tuition rates and fees.

Students are protesting with a 21st century viral video style, using iPads to create video messages from students to the legislature.

"Ready, three, two, one, go!" said one student to graduate student Christopher Cano, as he started his video message on his iPad.

"I am asking you, I am pleading with you... please, no more tuition hikes and budget cuts for the University of South Florida," said Cano.

Cano has been attending USF for 12 years.  He has three degrees and his finishing his master's degree in public relations.  Meantime, he also has a full time job and is a senator for USF's student government.

"I am probably one of the oldest students on campus. I have been here 12 years," said Cano.  "I have seen my tuition go from $75 per credit to over $200 per credit. I have seen our funding cut year after year after year."

USF's Media/Public Affairs coordinator Adam Freeman said the average yearly rate for a student tuition is $6,232.  Ten years ago, the average was about $2,700.  

Students walked to their classes behind the Education Building where Cano and his other senators were set up under a white tent, encouraging other students with a free bottled water and a free USF pen to learn more about what they were filming.  They asked students to send a quick message to legislators with them about their opinion of the tuition rates and fees.    

"Our goal is to take these video messages and create one video to put on the Internet, YouTube, or through emails to each legislator and show them what the students need," said Cano.

10 News left a message for state Speaker of the House, Representative Will Weatherford about his position on future university tuition rates.

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