Sue Eberle files complaints of discrimination and retaliation against LPD

12:41 AM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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Susan Eberle (center) has reluctantly become the face of the sex scandal rocking the Lakeland Police department. With her husband Ed (left) clutching her hand for support, Eberle decided to go public, announcing through her attorney (right) that they had filed charges with the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Florida Commission on Human rights.


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PALM HARBOR, Florida- The backlash from the sex scandal that's rocked Lakeland continues. On Monday, the attorney representing Sue Eberle, the whistleblower alleging case after case of harassment and sexual misconduct, amended federal discrimination charges on behalf of his client.

"They don't like that that Sue exposed this, ultimately, it's caused them a lot of embarrassment," said attorney David Linesch. "Sue has actually gone through a lot harsher treatment then those engaged in the conduct at issue."

Eberle's attorney says his client was terminated from her job with the Lakeland Police Department September 10th, a move which Linesch will discourage others from speaking up.

"First of all there is no better way to discourage the reporting of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct than to terminate the employee who was not only the victim of such harassment, such as Sue Eberle, but also who played such an instrumental role in bringing the specifics of the sexual misconduct to light," said Linesch.

Making matters worse, Eberle alleges she's now become the target of investigators with FDLE agents interrogating both Sue and her mother about childhood abuse.

"It is deeply disturbing that Chief Womack and the FDLE would subject Sue Eberle and her family to further trauma regarding these events," said Linesch.

The US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission will next evaluate Eberle's claims and determine whether a lawsuit can be filed against the city.

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