Surprising 911 calls released in Lakeland Police officer sex arrest

11:47 AM, Sep 27, 2013   |    comments
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Lakeland, FL -- Surprising 911 calls have been released in the case of a Lakeland Police officer accused of coercing a woman to have sex with him while on duty.

The alleged victim called  911 to report the incident and now some are saying the operator mishandled the call.

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The calls go on for several minutes. The first attempt was a 911 call from the woman's friend. He told the dispatcher that the woman was receiving unwanted visits from a Lakeland Police Officer.  

The second call was made by the woman herself.  She said that a Spanish-looking police officer had been making several unwanted visits to her neighborhood complex, approaching her for sex.

911 Operator: I can send you an officer and you can tell them what's going on. There's nothing that I can do.


911 Operator: I don't know, I can't tell you what to do. 

Caller: So, I'm supposed to call 911 with (inaudible) one of your officers wanting to have sex with me in my house with my kids sleeping in my bathroom? And I'm not supposed to call you guys? 

911 Operator: I didn't say not to call us.

After that call, the dispatcher called in another officer to investigate the problem and they laughed about it. 

911 Operator: A lady keeps saying that a officer keeps coming to her house and trying to take her to go get beer so he can proposition her. (laughter)

Dispatcher: Do you have her number? (laughter)

911 Operator: Yeah.

Officer Julio Pagan has been suspended without pay, pending the outcome of the investigation. He has been with the department since September 2011.

Pagan has been charged with 2 counts of armed sexual battery and 1 count of aggravated stalking.

If convicted, Pagan could face life behind bars.

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