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Palmetto High School teacher, Patrick Mullins' suicide theory under review

12:05 AM, Sep 27, 2013   |    comments
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Palmetto, Florida - Months after the death of a Palmetto High School Media Specialist, the Manatee County Sheriff's Office has placed the case under review.

The family of Pat Mullins says investigators believed the 52-year-old committed suicide when his body was found near Emerson Point in last January.

"It seems very improbable that someone committing suicide would be able to accomplish what was accomplished," said the family's attorney, Andrea Flynn Mogensen.

Andrea told 10 News she was informed that detectives recently made the case active and put it up for review.

"They did tell me there was at least one tip and some additional interviews that they felt were necessary," she said.

According to the investigation, the theory is that Mullins wrapped a 25-pound anchor around his body and shot himself with a shotgun, but Mogensen said there is a problem with that theory.

"No gun has ever been recovered. So we really don't know what the situation is there," said Mogensen. "There's no evidence one way or another to support the theory, whether this was a suicide or a homicide."

On top of that, investigators reportedly didn't find evidence of blood from a shotgun blast on Mullins boat, which was later recovered.

The coroner's office ruled that Mullins death was the result of a shotgun blast.

"If this is foul play, if this is murder, they'd like to have justice for their family member. She would like to have justice for her husband," she said of Mullins' wife.

It remains unclear how long the review will take to complete.

When asked, the Manatee County Sheriff's Office would not make themselves available for a interview for the story.

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