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8:20 AM, Sep 26, 2013   |    comments
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Hello Joe Bucs Fan!

So, the Bucs have a new quarterback... will Mike Glennon make a difference? I would usually say no, it's too touch for a rookie quarterback to win in the NFL, but things have changed in the league, I'll explain in a bit.

The change needed to happen. Josh Freeman had fallen backwards, and wasn't getting better. Five years is enough of a dress rehearsal. He's got some problems, off the field character issues... he just didn't seem like he was intent on working on his craft.

But to hand the keys to the offense, to a rookie, and a third rounder to boot?

The thing about Glennon, too, is he's not mobile. The other young Qbs are all runners, they can escape trouble if they have to. Glennon can't.

OC Mike Sullivan said they wouldn't be running the read-option, only things Glennon can handle. We'll see...

Will the rest of the team rally around him? It may be too late to make the playoffs, but you never know. And did the high-priced free agents, sign on for a rookie QB to lead them?

A lot of questions, no good answers.

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