Making a Difference: Reactory Factory

6:53 PM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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Lakeland, Florida -- "Reactory Factory" performs live-action shows filled with music, fun and educational tools for elementary age children. 

The show consists of two characters, DJ Dan and Dr. Reacto. The creators themselves say they want to make learning fun.

"We're not there to just amuse the children, which they are being amused, but at the same time we're secretly enriching them by bringing them knowledge, skills," said Dr. Reacto.

They perform at elementary schools and libraries throughout central Florida. Their shows draw on National Common Core Standards and STEM principles to teach children fundamentals in reading, writing, mathematics and science.

In full costume, DJ Dan said he and Dr. Reacto felt as parents that the selection of children's music was limited and lacked educational value, so they decided to write children's music.

Reactory Factory wants to connect with as many kids as possible, providing relevant material that helps to inspire and educate them. As for the kids, they seem to really enjoy it and without realizing they're learning something new.

"Here you have a window of opportunity where you have this captive audience of children who are watching you perform and to not implement some sort of educational element, enrichment would really be a missed opportunity," said DJ Dan.

Reactory Factory also incorporates elements of movement, dance, memorization, all of which help children retain the lessons they're learning.

DJ Dan and Dr. Reacto created an animated video called "Jungle Party." Parents and their children can see the educational cartoon online at

"The song is about using your five senses to discover the world around you or in the case of the jungle party, we're searching for the "jungle party" itself."

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