Brooksville bank manager admits to taking customers' cash

10:35 PM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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  • After an extensive investigation, Brooksville Suncoast Schools bank manager, Jennifer Hoefler, faces multiple fraud charges for stealing money from customer accounts since March 2012.

Brooksville, Florida - Customers generally think their money is safe from thieves when they deposit it into a bank, but a recent case in Hernando County was allegedly an inside job.

"I thought she was really nice and real professional and very pleasant," said Bob Johnson.

The Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union customer told 10 News that bank manager Jennifer Lynette Hoefler helped him open an account there years ago.

But now, the 41-year-old woman is charged with stealing from the accounts of at least two of her customers.

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On Tuesday, the Hernando County Sheriff's Office arrested her on charges of stealing $49,125 from a pair of customers over the last year to pay for her drug habit.

According to investigators, Hoefler had been withdrawing both, large and small amounts of cash from the couple's accounts since March of last year.

When they figured out that Hoefler was allegedly cleaning them out - they confronted her.

"She got a little bit nervous and she was trying to play it off. Well, no that didn't happen that way, so then they went to a guess a little higher up in the bank," said Denise Moloney, a spokesperson for the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

Eventually authorities got involved and went to question the Citrus County resident on Tuesday afternoon at which time they found out she had also taken money from an account earlier in the day.

"When they caught her she had made a withdrawals of a thousand dollars, and when they caught up with her that day, she only had $750 with her because she had previously left the credit union and gone and purchased some drugs- and had the drugs with her," according to Moloney. 

Hoefler reportedly admitted to authorities that she has an addiction to Oxycodone.

"We've determined there are several other victims. They haven't been identified to us yet, but the detectives are going to be working that, and then placing some additional charges on her."

Hoefler was taken to the Hernando County Detention Center to be held on $55,000 bond.

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