Neighbors of Paris Whitehead-Hamilton, girl killed with assault rifle, call for tougher gun laws

5:33 PM, Dec 21, 2012   |    comments
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Paris Whitehead-Hamilton
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- The residents in at least one St. Petersburg neighborhood feel the National Rifle Association was off target with their comments Friday, believing the organization of more than four million members didn't go far enough.

Antonio Jones says it is time for this country to ban assault rifles, like the ones that killed a little girl in his neighborhood three years ago.

"They should have no gun like that in the city. If that's a war gun, that means they're bringing wars to the home front now," Jones said.

Jones, a father of three, and lives just a few doors down from where Paris Whitehead-Hamilton lived before she was killed.

In April 2009, Paris was murdered when her home was riddled with more than 50 rounds from assault rifles during a drive-by shooting.

"We need to get a stop on that, because you know, what I'm saying it could be (my child) next, it could be yours, it can be the next person so it affects everyone."

"It's too many kids getting killed by assault weapons and it's too easy to get them," added Lisa Lee, who lives across the street from where the shooting occurred.

After her death, the street Paris lived on was renamed in her honor. It is now called Paris Avenue South.

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