Abbey, the guide dog hurt in hit-and-run, reunites with owner Terry Ellrick

6:12 PM, Nov 27, 2012   |    comments
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Abby, the guide dog who fell victim to the hit and run crash


TAMPA BAY, Florida -- A guide dog who nearly died after being hit by a car in St. Pete earlier this month reunited with her owner on Tuesday.

And it's in part thanks to viewers like you.

After we first reported this story, many people donated to help two-year-old Abbey get surgery. On November 16, Abbey and owner Terry Ellrick, who is legally blind, were in their front yard. Ellrick says a car trying to avoid getting into an accident drove up onto the curb and hit Abbey.

Police haven't been able to track down the driver. Abbey needed emergency surgery to repair her gall bladder in order to survive.

"She only had a couple hours to live," Ellrick recalls. "That's my daughter. She's my life. I can't do without her."

That's why it was such a relief after the story got out to see the community donating money, more than enough to save Abbey's life.

To the people who contributed to Abbey's recovery or even just prayed for her, Ellrick says, "I have to say thank you for putting your pumpkin pie down, your Thanksgiving turkey down and taking time out for Abbey."

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