Candidates promise jobs, but are the unemployed listening?

4:41 PM, Sep 25, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Florida -- Candidates from both parties continue to blanket the Sunshine State, trying to take the White House in November by promising to turn around the economy and create jobs.

But are those unemployed voters even listening?

Hundreds packed into a Tampa hotel Tuesday for a job fair, including Brenda Walden, who has been out of work since May.

"I'm basically trying to get back into an IT area," she said.

While it's hard for the average person not to see a stream of political candidates stopping through Tampa Bay, Walden doesn't have time to sit back and listen to their messages.

"I shouldn't have to wait for whoever gets in the White House," she said.

Many job seekers told 10 News it doesn't really matter if Barack Obama or Mitt Romney wins.

"I don't know what they can do.  It's the companies," said Pam Douglass, "we need more companies to open up and create jobs."

Career strategy coach Pegotty Cooper says the 800,000+ Floridians looking for a job should worry less about politics and more about their resumes.

"You are really responsible for creating your job.  For creating the opportunities," Cooper explained.

Her strategy is a simple one.

The 8.8 percent unemployed in Florida shouldn't look for Washington to figure out solutions to their frustration in searching for work.

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