Teenager Noah Wash faces felony charge after threatening Manatee High School on Facebook

11:06 AM, Aug 20, 2012   |    comments
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Bradenton, Florida -- The Facebook page of 15-year-old Noah Wash looks like most others, but his smiling face belies his future.  

Wash was arrested and charged with threatening to use a destructive device after police say he wrote on his Facebook page that he was going to blow up Manatee High School.

At Manatee High, 10 News spoke with members of the football team who said they knew Wash to have a keen sense of humor, but didn't think he would do something violent.

After interrogation, police deem Wash didn't have the intent or means to carry out the threat.  Despite that, Wash has seriously jeopardized his future by using Facebook in an inappropriate manner.  A lesson all young people need to learn, or suffer similar consequences.

Dawn Wash isn't related to Noah, but she knows the Wash family because she shares the same name in their small town of Holmes Beach.  She says kids need to understand anything they text or write online could come back and haunt them.

The Manatee school system addresses these issues with both teachers and students because social media has become a vehicle of record.

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