Owners of 127-year-old Terra Ceia home offering it up for free... to anyone willing to move it

6:57 PM, Feb 9, 2012   |    comments
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Terra Ceia, Florida -- A Manatee County house, valued at more than $400,000, can be yours for free.

The only thing you have to do is find a way to move it.

"This is one of the oldest houses in Manatee County.  It's very significant to the history of our community," said Cathy Slusser, deputy director of Manatee County's Historical Resources.

In fact the house, located on Bayshore Drive in Terra Ceia, was built in 1885. That's why the owners, who inherited the property, want to preserve the two bedroom, two bathroom, 2,000 square-foot home.

But in 127 years, the structure has seen better days.

"The windows and the roof have some issues.  The house has been deteriorating," said real estate agent Devon Davis.

The owners looked at rehabilitating it, but determined the cost is too high.

They have a buyer for the land in place, but instead of immediately demolishing the house, they're willing to give it away, and even pay $10,000 towards the cost of moving it.

"I'm getting some calls," Davis said of the interest.

But there are doubts about whether it's even possible to preserve the house. It was renovated in 1968, and because of that, the state doesn't officially recognize it as a historical structure.

"I've seen plenty of really bad buildings that have been moved and saved, so in my opinion, yes it can be saved," Slusser said.

Several experts have told the owner's attorney that the house likely could only be moved to another location on Terra Ceia Island.

February 23 is the deadline for someone to come forward and offer to move it.

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