Local legal experts weigh in on Casey Anthony jury selection, happening in Pinellas County

5:26 PM, May 9, 2011   |    comments
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PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. - Legal experts shared their knowledge Monday about seating a jury. Jury selection for the Casey Anthony trial has moved to Pinellas County because of intense media coverage.

Professor Charles Rose, with Stetson Law School, said the Bay area was a good choice because of partial year residents who may not be too familiar with the case, and the retired base here. The trial is expected to last from six to eight weeks, which could very well disrupt potential jurors lives.

"It's going to be awful hard to get a young mother on that case if she has a job. It's going to be awful hard to have a young father on that case. You're going to be looking at a pool of folks who don't have anything in their lives that would prevent them from serving and that begins to push through to folks who are unemployed and who are retired," said Rose.

Harvey Moore, president of Trial Practices, Inc. - a jury consultant company based in Tampa - said lawyers will also be looking for whoever can be fair and impartial and also how much knowleedge a potential juror has in the case. 

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