Barbie fishing pole snags 50-pound fish

12:33 PM, Jan 4, 2008   |    comments
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Houston, Texas - She's only four, but a pint-sized angler is well on her way to becoming a pro.

Pheobe Swann is the daughter of a Houston CBS station news photographer. She reeled in the big one during a family trip to Rockport, Texas.

Catching a big fish was not the real story. It's the fact that Pheobe was using her Barbie fishing rod, with a red plastic worm as bait.

Her tiny Barbie fishing rod snagged a  50-pound Black Drum.

Phoebe screamed at such a big catch, so dad came to the rescue.

Dad took the line, reeled for half an hour and finally got the monster out of the water.

After celebrating the big catch, the daughter and dad duo threw the fish back in the water.


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