Are you dateworthy?

9:07 PM, Jan 10, 2011   |    comments
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The Internet and social media have changed the dating landscape, so we turned to an old-fashioned matchmaker to learn the dos and don'ts of dating in 2010.

DC Matchmaker Michelle Jacoby is no shrinking violet.

"If I have a client who wants to meet a certain type of person, it doesn't matter if I'm in the grocery store or if I'm at the motor vehicle administration, if I'm going for a run, I will chase someone down," said Jacoby, the owner of DC Matchmaking.

There may be thousands of unmarried people in the D.C. area, but it's not always easy for them to meet. So we asked matchmaker and dating coach Jacoby to introduce us to six local singles-three men and three women to learn what made the other sex "date-worthy."

"You don't have to pull out my chair, but allow me to order first when the waiter comes to take our order. I'll always offer to split it with you, but I expect you to pick up the check the first couple of times," said a young single woman named Cristin.

And they don't like having that check linger on the table.

"Oooh, no," the women said in unison. "It's very uncomfortable," said Amber.

We chatted with the ladies first and learned they disliked bad tippers and men who text during the date.

"If you are non-stop, or on Facebook and posting status updates, clearly you would rather be with somebody else or hanging out with your other friends than on a date with myself," said Alex.

"If you have to do that, do it before the date, do it before you get to the restaurant," added Cristin.

They even shared some dating disasters.

Amber shared one memorable date: "Very attractive, very persistent. Kept asking me out, asking me out. Finally I said yes, it was just a lunch date. And when the bill came, he asked for separate checks. And then asked me to give him a ride home."

Often, it comes down to basic manners.

"I have received page-long emails if I didn't respond to a text that next morning and to be honest, I probably won't reply to a text that next morning because I do think a follow-up phone call is necessary or it shows that you really, truly are interested," said Alex.

Women who go out in large groups to meet men, think again.

Explained Jacoby, "That's a big dating no-no. How many men are brave enough to go into the center of the big posse of women to find the one that they like and introduce themselves? It's just scary and men don't do that."

Even in a politically charged city like Washington, these three said the ability to have a good conversation is more important than their politics.

"Make me laugh," said Amber. "I love to laugh."

"Mostly I really want a man that I can look at and respect," said Cristin. "That I know that he's done a lot with his life and that he's a man I want to be seen with and will make me a better person too."

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