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3:57 PM, Jul 15, 2010   |    comments
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Congress' Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming has on its website a live video feed of the BP oil spill.

Click here to see the video on their web page.

Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) requested the footage be made available to the public. The live webcam shows a substantial gusher still spewing oil.

Meanwhile, anger and frustration is mounting over less than successful efforts to plug the gusher from a blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Thick, sticky oil is creeping deeper into delicate marshes of the Mississippi Delta, an arrival dreaded for a month since the crude started spewing into the Gulf.

Gallery: Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

Up to now, only tar balls and a sheen of oil had come ashore. But chocolate brown and vivid orange globs and sheets of foul-smelling oil the consistency of latex paint have begun coating the reeds and grasses of Louisiana's wetlands. It's home to rare birds, mammals and a rich variety of marine life.

BP PLC, which conceded Thursday that more oil is flowing from the leak than previously estimated.

Many people say they wonder why a worst case contingency plan wasn't in place.

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