Men take on pole dancing for their own good

12:31 PM, May 13, 2010   |    comments
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Men at Crunch in South Beach take on pole dancing to stay fit.

Miami Beach, Florida -- The moves to pole dance require a lot of strength. For years it has caught on as a kind of exercise for women, but now the men are doing it too. Guys are taking the leap of faith and turning to pole dancing for exercise at Crunch Fitness on South Beach.

"Just because you lift weights and do cardio doesn't mean you don't have other muscles you can use," said Steven Schmidt, before taking his first pole dancing class.

Photo Gallery: More men take up pole dancing

After a few classes, the guys are starting to catch on, even though they still have their pit falls.

"It turned out to be harder. I was sore, my arms and my legs," said Luis Vivas to our sister station CBS4.

The women make it look easy and sexy, but it is quite the work out.

"The pole takes a ton of core strength and upper body strength. It also takes leg strength because you are gripping the poles with you legs and your arms," said Roya Siroospour, Fitness Director at Crunch, a workout facility that always tries to combine exercise with entertainment.

"It takes a lot of work. It is not easy being a stripper on a stripper pole," joked Schmidt, who now knows just how hard the Pole Dancing workout really is for anyone who tries it.

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