Supermarkets to give away food

6:45 PM, Feb 28, 2010   |    comments
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CONCEPCION, Chile (AP) -- As Chile tries to cope with the devastation caused by yesterday's earthquake, its outgoing president is taking steps to eliminate looting.

Michelle Bachelet says essentials on the shelves of major supermarkets will be given away for free, under the supervision of authorities. She says troops and police will also distribute food and water.

Earlier today, police in the hard-hit city of Concepcion fired tear gas to stop looters, who were wheeling off everything from microwave ovens to canned milk at a damaged supermarket. The tear gas in the air forced firefighters to pause from their work pulling survivors from the rubble.

The president says the number of dead has passed 700, and the number listed as missing is also climbing.

She says her country will accept offers of aid that have poured in from around the world.



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