Some USF students worry about their own safety after Charlie Bates crime spree

6:33 PM, Sep 6, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Word spread fast of the home invasions and sexual assaults Thursday night to many students living in apartments near USF and many are wondering how safe they really are.

"Last night when I found out, I felt very violated, very scared being in a college town not have family around you -- not having that comfort zone to go to," says Kyndall Koenke, a USF student.

Koenke lives at The Eagles Pointe Apartments investigators say was 24-year-old Charlie Bates second stop in his crime spree last night. This was the place where he allegedly forced a woman into her apartment but, through prayer, she convinced him to not to hurt her.

Police say Bates' next stop was The Fairways Oaks Apartments down the street where Bates pushed a party of 25 people into a room at gunpoint.

The night for Bates appeared to have started at the Cambridge Woods Apartments nearby where police say he tied up four men and sexually assaulted four women.

"We're thinking of a security system now. It's kind of scary," says Stephenie Schukraft.

In an attempt to get away, investigators say forced his way into this ground-level apartment, cut his dreadlocks, shaved his head stole the tenant's car and took off.

Brendt Haskill, who lives in The Pointe Apartment Complex, says when he arrived home from work officers were all over.

"They all got out of the car wearing bulletproof vests and were hiding behind cars," says Haskill. "The girl was out here on the phone yelling."

The woman did not want to go on camera. Students say 13 terrorizing hours has shaken their sense of security.

How safe do students feel? Koenke says on a scale of 1 to 10 she feels about a 2.

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