Engineers & Jeff Bush's brother visit damaged Bob Evans restaurant

4:28 PM, Jun 10, 2013   |    comments
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Seffner, FL -- Engineers with Terracon Consulting were back in Seffner Monday, working outside the Bob Evans restaurant just off I-4.

They're trying to figure out whether it's another Seffner Sinkhole or something else, that caused major cracks to appear over the weekend.

The damage was so bad employees were told to get out and stay out until further notice.

People have been stopping by for a look all day, and among them, sadly, was Jeremy Bush. He's the brother of Jeff Bush, who was killed by a sinkhole earlier this year.

Jeremy, like so many others, says he was curious to know if this is once again more of the same for Seffner.

Meanwhile, the only thing Bob Evans in Seffner would be serving up today -- and for the foreseeable future -- is a helping of curiosity with a side order of angst.

Gawkers watched the engineers as they try to confirm whether yet another sinkhole has opened up.

Cracks appear both outside and inside the popular interstate-side eatery.

"They'll just continue on with that process until they get a determination as to what they need to do next," said Dexter Barge with Hillsborough County Code Enforcement.

"I hope it's something else," said Dale Albright, a fan of the restaurant. "I love Bob Evans, so I would hate to see something happen to the Bob Evans."

"Seffner used to be a nice, quiet area," said Christ Wright, who grew-up nearby. "Now all these sinkholes are happening."

Seffner's sinkhole hysteria started in late February with the death of Jeff Bush, who was swallowed by a monster sinkhole that opened under his family's home as Jeff was lying in his bed.

That property is just about four miles from the Bob Evans.

Jeremy Bush, who watched the earth take his brother's life and is still haunted by those images, stopped to look at the restaurant today. He could see the damage, the warning signs.

He was glad no one was injured in this case, but wondered, "Why couldn't our property have just cracked? Why did it have to claim a life?"

Along with neighbors and customers, Bob Evans workers were wondering what's next for them, too.

A statement from the company's Chief Operating Officer, Harvey Brownlee says while their engineers investigate, "restaurant employees have been temporarily transferred to nearby restaurants.

"We have no plans to re-open the restaurant," said Brownlee, "until such time as we can ensure the safety of our employees and guests."  
And how long will that be?

A spokesperson at Bob Evans' corporate offices said they anticipate several days of testing before a determination can be made.

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