Donald Hindes, charged for shooting Seminole neighbor, says he's the true victim

10:37 PM, Mar 28, 2013   |    comments
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Seminole, Florida-- It's been a difficult and embarrassing 24 hours for 81-year-old Donald Hindes. He arrived home from jail after being charged with shooting his neighbor 47-year-old Richard Wacker.

"He threatened my life. There was nothing else I could do," said Hindes.

That's Hindes' side of the story, but somehow, some way, he says it got twisted.

Rewind to late Wednesday night to the front gate of the upscale Kapok subdivision in Seminole. 

Hindes said Wacker charged him while he was sitting in his car waiting for the gate to open, so he pulled his pistol and shot him, because it wasn't the first time Wacker had threatened him.

"He's threatened me on the phone, he threatened me at my house, and he attacked me at the gate," said Hindes.

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The original story was that Hindes had been flirting with Wacker's daughter Amber, and that's what pushed him over the edge. She even said so on camera.

"He looked at me and made passes, and my dad didn't like it," said Amber Wacker.

Hindes says that's not true, and the real reason is that he's dating Wacker's estranged wife, and he couldn't handle it.

"Oh my God, I'm upstairs watching O'Reilly and he's pounding on the door," said Hindes. "I finally came down and he's gone."

10 News pulled Wacker's rap sheet, and it's extensive, showing everything from drug charges, to battery and burglary. But Pinellas County detectives arrested Hindes, who has no record, because he told detectives:

"He was not in fear of his life, and that he could have gotten away or sped off in his vehicle," said Pinellas County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Cecilia Barreda.

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